Fundraiser for Orphanage in Nepal

This year has been a very difficult year for many and we, Tibetan Paper & Handicraft, decided to start a fundraiser for Paropakar Orphanage located in Nepal. With the help of donors from around the world, we were able to raise CAD$882.53. In addition, Tibetan Paper & Handicraft made a pledge to match this effort, bringing the fundraiser total to CAD$1765.06 (NRS 157,964.00) by the end.

We want to thank all those who were a part of this fundraiser. From supporting our business and sharing our cause to donating generous amounts, all of which has made a difference in the lives of children that are living in Paropakar Orphanage in Nepal.

Official statement from Paropakar Organization that they received our donation

One of our vision as Tibetan Paper & Handicraft company is to always be able to give back to the community, from sponsoring various events by the Tibetan community or donating to the Nepalese community as Tibetan, Nepalese and Canadian culture play an important role in our identity. We hope to continue giving back and supporting the communities that we are a part of because together we can do great things!

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